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Originally Posted by Retrofan View Post
Gibs you think that the cause is the accelerator, but it isn't. It's the mobo that has a bad timing.

Read Ian's web:

"If we remove the 22pF capacitor, either by removing it or the resistor, the capacitive load drops from 37pF to 15pF. The rise/fall time is thus:
T = 2.2 x 150 x 13E-12

T= 4.95ns

Accelerator cards with logic buffers have a 3-7ns propagation delay added on. This helps to explain why some accelerator cards work better than others. I would need to re-read the A1200 CPU slot design notes to explain this further."

Yout Blizzard is "avoiding" your necessary Timing fix. Perhaps changing your 060 you changed your "propagation delay" from 4 to 7ns or something enough to have it right. As you may know, with other accelerator or without it you'll have the same problem.
However as I said earlier;

Another point is, I have found those timing fixes dont always work. Due to every board being different.
It can sometimes make things worse.
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