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I am 37 and flunked out of my job training. It seems that all that college education I spent all of my time on graduating from over 4 years ago taught me the complete wrong approach as far as enterprise programming is concerned.

They taught me that once you write something it's yours to reuse. In a consulting firm it's sold to whatever company hired your firm and for the next contract you have to start completely over from scratch or use whatever middleware they have access to.

They taught me to start small and you can pick up the rest on your own. I started small, graduated in the top two in my class only to find out that I don't know how to write large-scale database software at all.

I probably won't be going on Social Security here since I technically can still work. It just means I have a 4-year degree in Computer Science that I totally cannot use in today's job market.

I'm with you. I'm going back to trying to program a visual-syntax replacement for Java instead of trying to learn the original all over again.
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