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Originally Posted by Retrofan View Post
Do you have 33% of unemployment like here in Lanzarote, Canary Islands????? I do think there are more work offers in Somalia.
Heres the thing in the UK !!
Im 50 and im my day employees were treated with respect and vice got a good wage and a good payrise every year..and you loved your job.

Unfortunatly the majority of managers in this generation are programmed morons who go on courses ...The staff are just cannon fodder given almost impossible tasks to do within a certain time and always under the threat if you cant do it your replaceable...The pay is shit and you need at least 2 jobs to survive...I feel for ImmortalA1000 and will bet this description is familier to him...Go self employed doing something your good at...i did ....screw them all

Please dont say its going off topic because the heading is " Good News i lost my job " Keep the project going though..

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