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Thankx Fish! And yes, as soon as you are ready, I got lots of things I could use a little help with! Especially on the mapping side of things as the graphics, palette, audio, and bex work is a load within itself...

...though I must admit my favorite part of the creative process is the mapping itself, so if you are handy with PPaint or Photo Shop or what ever, or even BEX editing, then feel free to jump in on that too!

As for the graphical over lay. If you want it exactly as it is in AB3D, we would need ZDOOM, which would break the current support for the Amiga port of BOOM, so I'd rather not go there.

If you want graphical over lay that is different, but includes much of the same look of the original, but with a new lay out, then I "should" be able to pull that off, though I've never done such a thing before so I'll have to look at the example that comes with PrBOOM to see how to pull it off exactly...

...and then see if BOOM will support it. If you want to draw a mock up of some ideas you got, or maybe try to create one yourself, please send it my way, I'd all up for input! In fact this project was your idea in the first place, so suggest all you want. In fact I'd love suggestions from the community in general as this is a clone of one of their old beloved's after all.
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