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Originally Posted by gibs View Post

As expert, maybe you can give the points to check with the oscilloscope as it seems that many users have timing fix problems...
Never said I was an expert, just very good at soldering and working with microscopic conponents (grains of sand as we used to call them).
I have'nt had chance to actually sit down and do anything with an oscilloscope.

Plus as already pointed out, virtually every board is different, It would be a long and time consuming process.

I know Jens has spent countless hours, days, months, tracking down such issues. Another problem is you would have to get atleast 5x of each rev, to test which would also pose a problem.

Another thing that I have found that effects timing is the kickstarts, 3.0 seems to work with stuff better than 3.1.


Those parts should work fine you have bought.

Also, be careful when adding the resistor in the picture as if I recall, there are two points right next to each other.
I had to trace them through to confirm I had correct point, Ian gives location of where the track goes to, so its easy to trace it out.

Another point is, I have found those timing fixes dont always work. Due to every board being different.
It can sometimes make things worse.

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