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Great stuff XDelusion

Sorry Ive not been too involved yet, but Ive been busy with other stuff. Im absolutely still interested in helping with this though. Far be it for me to tell you what to do being that its all your work thus far, but for me this project has a little more appeal when it can be used on a real classic amiga. The idea of a fairly accurate remake, but with 1x1 graphics, and full screen is pretty appealing

Even if it needs a few "custom" source modifications to allow for anything from AB3d that doesnt fit within a Doom engine (the ammo and health in bar to the sides of the windows perhaps? (sidebar, but would be nice to include them, even if they where closer to the far left and right vs. original AB3d)).

Anyway, if you'd like htelp let me know what you need, what I could do and so on to contribute (even graphics ) and so on and we'll work from there
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