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I haven't opened the miggy again yet, but about the Timing fixes ( and the other posted here:

Originally Posted by Schoenfeld View Post
Best place on the A1200 motherboard is the top left corner of the unused FPU socket. There's a via with the CCK signal and a via with VCC very close together. You should ideally use a resistor of 1206 size, so the distance is bridged easier, and it should also be easier to solder.

Other places would be on Paula or on the underside of the board on E127R, but this one allows the mod without having to remove the board from it's shield.

It seems I'll need a 1k resistor for this and remove E123C, E125C and change R118 to 220R in my C=, 2B mobo.

I do have an A1200 mb (1A) for spares. Do I have there to desolder and use the 1k resistor and the 220R ? Where for example?

If not, any Ebay link, please?

And I'm really a solder-junky, I mean, good soldering but no idea of electronics.
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