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The only reason I got an Amiga was to play all my favourite old games. I know I could have used an emulator but I don't like 'em and prefer a more authentic experience of having an actual Amiga machine. It just seems more nostalgic to have the machine aswell, playing an Amiga game on a PC just isn't and never will be the same.
However games is the only thing I use my Amiga for right now, because in truth I believe a PC would be better for everything else. It is surely impossible for 15+ year old machines to compete with the latest PCs for graphics and sound, but I'll admit I haven't tried any Amiga office applications but suspect they are bettered by PC or Mac counterparts too.
The only time I can see myself using for other things is for games, like drawing levels or making sounds for SEUCK. I am also planning on sometime getting some stuff off Aminet and making a nice WorkBench for myself.
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