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I have been developing and testing this under FreeDOOM, I only assumed that DOOM 2 support would not be broken, so you may want to try that.

Also, last night's upload was a train wreck. I have fixed the lighting issues for classic BOOM users, and have also reduced the file count to 2. 1 WAD 1 BEX.

On top of that I tweaked a few rooms in the map so that they conform more to the look of the original, though of course I am still far from done.

For those looking for FreeLook, Jumping, and all that jazz, I suggest you fire this up under PrBOOM, PrBOOM Plus, or Odamex on AROS, MorphOS, or OS 4. Some of those ports have these features and more such as OpenGL support which really makes this look NICE!

On a side note, if you are not using standard BOOM, then you will not need to load up the BEX file as it is already stored inside the main WAD file.

ALso I have noticed that standard BOOM does not fully support my BEX file, so at the moment (unless support can be added or I can find a work around), the triple exploding barrels will only explode once as in original DOOM.

ADOOM not supported, sorry.
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