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Originally Posted by Retrofan View Post
It seems to work, Yes, I'm online now. it's half an hour and no problem with CWB39 (the one with more problems). I can move the "Run" icon without black screen and no vertical bars using Superplus and memory using Graphics memory. I've got 1,263,440 graphics memory. Will Edit it later if it doesn't work (or will post if it works ). Now listening mods in the ACA miggy while posting here with my C=64, just have to change from HDMI1 to HDMI2 with my remote, and listening the music from the Hi-Fi...
Edit: An hour working nice..., now listening Supercars2... Edit: Lotus2.intro... an hour and a half (surely more, I'm not watching the clock...)

Well, I think 2 hours is enough. IT WORKS. Just using Superplus and the memory using Graphics memory I have no problem at all.

So... I'm just waiting a larger resolution for Superplus.

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