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Alien Breed Total Conversion for BOOM

EDIT: New Link

This demonstration is only meant as an early proof of concept. There is much work that has to be done so not everything looks, sounds, or behaves 100% as it would in the original Alien Breed 3D.

Also, when designing the maps I use PrBOOM Plus in GL mode, so when you play this in BOOM on a real Amiga you will probably notice that the lighting is horribly low. This will be resolved in the future, so in the mean time it is preferred that you test this with PrBOOM Plus in GL mode or in Hi-Res software mode otherwise you more than likely will not be able to see a thing once you enter the building.


ABout 70% of the textures from map01 are present, though I would still like to do a bit of tweaking to the palette. In some cases I could not find the original texture in the AB3DII sources on Aminet, so I created a replacement, or am using temporary textures as a filler.

Some of the audio has been included, though as you will notice, some samples have a "popping" sound when they play. I have no idea why this is as the popping sound is not present in the originals, but hopefully I'll be able to work that out over time.

I have created and added a few new frames to the Red Alien, this way when he attacks his mouth will actually move up and down. Also when he dies there are a few additional death frames, though at the moment the frames change at such a rate that you probably will not notice them right now.

I am not finished with the Barrels, but as you should be able to see, I am trying to mimick the behavior of the barrel explosions from AB3D in that they go through a total of three explosions as opposed to the single explosion in standard DOOM.

As you will notice, BOOM does not support floor transparency, so you are not able to see what is beneath or above water, though when you enter the water you will notice that the physics do change to emulate the feeling of being under water. Later on I will work on the color map so that everything will appear blue when under water as well.

3D platforms have yet to be added, but they should be fully doable.

There is probably more I should note here, but at the moment I am again having a brain fart....


You can find PrBOOM Plus here:

Though sadly, we do not have it for any of the next gen Amiga OS's yet. Though I do know that BSzili has been working towards getting that and or Odamex working on AROS, so we should be able to enjoy this on there soon enough!!!

Official thread here:

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