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I use the most cheap VGA-cable I could get - ir was inside the package of my LG-TFT. It is connected thorugh the cheap DVI-I-to-VGA adapter that I've bought from Vesalia together with the Indy Mk2. This one:
The mentioned LG is a 23" display with full HD resolution. Playing games in PAL (320x256) is as much fun as using workbench in 1024x768. Great picture despite VGA only. Did a short try with DVI-I directly connected to this monitor, but the image quality was not that better. Apart from that I need the monitor's DVI-input for other purposes.

The best picture so far gave me my old but beloved LG 15"-TFT. HighGfx in 1024x768 displayed natively (and not scaled to something like 1700x1000) looked great. But this display is 13 years old and suffers from loss of brightness and contrast. It's only used as final backup.

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