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I am seriously considering getting a PPC Amiga to run OS 3.9 and its PPC games,
Practically all PPC games are Windows ports, there are only two PPC games that are original Amiga titles: Eat the Whistle (very crappy football game and it really doesn't need a PPC) and Payback.

Getting a PPC card without also getting a graphics card doesn't make much sense. That means you'd have to pay a lot of money just to play Payback...

Currently, an AmigaOne is cheaper than a BlizzPPC/BVision combo. Wait a few months (until A1 and OS4 are readily available and people start to upgrade) and you might get cheap second hand hardware - and some dealers may want to get rid of their last Blizzards too...

as well as and Mac OS 8.5 and its PPC games.
The PPC Mac Emulator (IFusion) is crap, and it doesn't run on BlizzardPPC cards. MacOnLinux doesn't run on classic Amiga hardware. If you want to "emulate" a PPC Mac, get an AmigaOne.
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