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Funny that Gibs is still insulted, although I have made clear that the term "solder junkie" is not a bad thing and actually includes myself. Some people just *want* to be mad at someone, and in this case, it has hit me. Oh well, I know I'm not everybody's darling, and I don't try to be.

Anyway, there is an OS3.9 setting in Prefs->Workbench where you can choose backdrop graphics to be placed in other mem than chipmem. This should be switched off. Has fixed some screen garbage for others, too.

Maybe Gibs is too aftraid to admit that the hardware was not at fault and it was actually just some setting that he corrected? Anyway, memory type for pictures should be chipmem (graphics mem), not "other mem". That setting is only good for systems that use a gfx card.

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