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Hi melbourneben!

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@Granada, have you ever made any timing fixes to your 1D4 board?
It was on my mind to state the following, but while writing I forgot about it ... I've never touched anything inside this A1200. It is in its original status as it fell off Commodore's production line 20 years ago.

It wasn't even lying around for as long as maybe other Amigas which might have conserved its state. I got this A1200 in around 1996 in used condition, it was in service as an ISDN-router until about 1999. For about a year at the beginning of the current century it served as a fairly unknown but yet officially listed Aminet mirror driven by some weird self-written ARexx-scripts for synchronizing with the main mirror and Amiga-Apache. In the following years it was lying around a bit, but kept being used from time to time. The Indy Mk2 led it to a new horizon and I currently use it on a quite regular basis.

But the board itself is still untouched..

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