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Originally Posted by sywhofloats View Post
Hi there!

I'm sy and I float. Originally I come from near London, but now I live in South Germany in a place called Weinsberg (famous for its Autobahn Junction, Castle and Mental Hospital in roughly that order).

So I've been messing around with WinUAE on and off, mostly just to play games. Then I was surprised to learn I had brought my now-brownish A1200 with me from England, but I found it one day in a box full of paper after we moved house. Since then I've managed to get a CF as a HD + a PC floppy working with the aid of a soldering iron, a PCMCIA Network card to browse the Internet (just with ALynx ; ) and just recently put in the 3.1 ROMs. I'm also trying to get a new ACA card working in my machine (not very successfully so far...).

About half of my ancient floppys are still working for some reason, despite the fact they were stored in cellars and attics for years. I found some of my old OctaMed tunes. And I also poked my first ever AGA copper list using AMOS, which was very satisfying after nearly 20 years of not knowing how. I'm also considering reviving an old programming project, now that I can actually program a bit and I have the internet to help me. It load of fun so far, and the only thing that's missing is the monthly coverdisk.

So that's me delurking. Hi.
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