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I've just installed kipper's adapter, but I'm also having problems. This is a Commodore 2B mb.
I'm using HighGfx SuperHigh Res Laced, and it works ok for a time, but later every time I open open any icon or just move it the screen goes to black for a second and I've got too the screen making strange things without doing anything.

I've installed a copper heatsink over Alice:

That even touchs the shielding, so perfect.
I've got a large (but really silent, you don't notice it) fan over the Indi too, although it's true that it has a Dvd over it. Edit: Yes, I've changed now those ugly cables for the Dvd.

This was a photo I taked with Superplus and CWBAdvSp:

I'm using 16 colors. Watch my problems, although in the video you won't see it going to black as I've said:
Ah, change the quality, you can watch it 720HD.
[ Show youtube player ]

EDIT: Just trying now, if you are using HighGfx (I've got an ACA30/56) you can't open any of the pics it has to try: "not enough graphics memory". If you use Superplus you can without problems (the photo above is with Superplus). With CWBAdvSp I can use it. Must see what happens with CWB39
EDIT: Oh, sorry, yes, you can use Superplus with both. It was Xtreme the one that doesn't work, sorry.
I forgot to say that the problems are after an hour or so. Ah, my idea? The indi gets too hot (?¿).

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