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It looks old and is lacking design. With a facelift, did you mean pinching the cheek and dragging it downward?

I guess you're building it up right now, but in the current state:

You need bigger smallest font size, visually better separation of other text from the main text, Youtube embed frames must be wider, it's completely unclear that main is scrollable because you use frames.

Using frames will make it impossible for someone to link directly to good content they've found. Luckily, the redirect from cbmborg to juniorwebdevsnet2 fortunately doesn't stop Googlebot from crawling the site, but clicking a Google result that goes to your site results in a timeout. Serious business that, as visitors will just think the server is down and click another search result.

for making it validate, unravel the nesting of the divs though which are causing the header to be aligned with the "rightcolumn" div. And what's with the surrupticious link to in the footer?

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