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Originally Posted by pudwink View Post
Hi all
I had an amiga in the 90s when they were hightech and am now returning to an amiga.I have just brought a Amiga 1200 with hdd and a pcmcia adaptor with 4 gb sandisk ultra card.
now i have worked out how to put adf game files onto the card and transfer them to floppy disk using adf2disk but i am struggling to get games to work.
today it is wings and dalek attack,wings i can some times get to load up to be able to put my name in then freezes dalek attack i get the screen where i click the mouse it accesses the disk drive and that is it.
I have tried using relokick disc first but still the same results is it a matter that the 1200 does not like the games or is it me any help please.
Some reasons:
-bad disk images
-bad floppy disk media
-faulty hardware(floppy drive)
-incompatible Software(mentioned games)

Have you tried real A1200 games?
If A1200 games runs fine, then the mentioned game are incompatible, even if you use Relokick.
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