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btw, the installation order I use is as follows:

extract base amisys install to partition. reboot

installer will ask for 3.1 floppies, insert as required. answer questions about accelerator etc.

once complete and rebooted, insert 3.9 cdrom. amisys will detect it and ask if you want to upgrade, do so.


if you want to browse the web, then on the 3.9 cd run the installer and on the menu there is "install internet software" click that and install genesis. Gensis is probably the easiest tcp/ip stack i've ever used, it's awesome! i dont use aweb (i use ibrowse) and dont use the mail program it suggests next so i skip those two.

reboot again.

then install both boing bags. rebooting as necessary

then install the AmiSYS 4 1.3 update.

at the moment i'm trying to figure out at which stage i'm getting palette corruption. I've a sneaking suspicion is comes from BB2... i'm almost at that point right now so will get back to you shortly.
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