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Originally Posted by mai View Post
as i wrote:
Brutal Football (1994)(Millennium)(Disk 1 of 2)[cr]
Brutal Football (1994)(Millennium)[cr CSL](Disk 2 of 2)
are the IPFs in ADF form.
IPFs are not allowed in this forum.

or look in the zone for original copies of IPF.
The plot thickens...
OK, I downloaded the two disks you told me to from the FTP and wrote them to floppy. When I booted disk 1 in my A500, this version is clearly PAL because there was a thick black gap at the top of the screen and the title splash screen extended below the physical bottom of the monitor. Unfortunately, I didn't get beyond this screen because the game locked up. I booted the disk with Kickstart 1.3 (first attempt was 3.1) and got the same results. I then tried KS 1.3 in PAL mode and got past the title screen to the game type selection screen. I rebooted with KS 3.1 and PAL and also was able to get to this point. I then chose an "unfriendly" game, took the default team for my side, chose Novice A controls, let the computer choose its team and then chose a single match. The VS. screen then came up and waited for me to click the fire button on my joystick. The screen faded to black and then the machine GURU'ed.

I got the same results repeating this with all the disk 2's on the site, except for the [a2] copy which actually got me into the game. I played the game for about 4 minutes before the graphics corrupted (see attachment). What could be causing this? Do I have bad RAM or something?

I tried to test this combination of discs on my A3000, but I could not get it to kick into PAL mode, so it kept locking up at the title screen.

Edit: I booted up the original copies of this game that I started with on my A3000 and was able to play through a full match. This clearly seems to mean that I do have a problem with my A500.

Edit 2: I booted up the Crystal release of this game on another A500 I have with a PAL mainboard instead of NTSC and the game played successfully. I definitely have a problem with the A500 I was originally using. The crack/release is good after all. Sorry to have wasted bandwidth on this.

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