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Originally Posted by brett71 View Post
Game: Brutal Sports Football
Cracker: Crystal
Trainer: n/a
Brutal football (1994)(millennium)(disk 1 of 2)[cr]-amiga
Brutal football (1994)(millennium)(disk 2 of 2)-amiga
Brutal football (1994)(millennium)[cr csl](disk 1 of 2)-amiga
Brutal football (1994)(millennium)[cr csl](disk 2 of 2)-amiga

Graphics corruption during game. Reproducable by playing an "unfriendly" game and within 2 minutes of play, the graphics will become totally corrupted and not recover. This is occurring on a stock A500, 512KB CHIP, 512KB trapdoor RAM, 8MB expanded RAM, KS 3.1, NTSC.
You have to do some more investigation.
I dont think, that this disks are badly cracked, more than likely this original game has no protection.
I think it has rather to do with incompability with some configurations.
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