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Originally Posted by desiv View Post
Is this something that used to work well, and you just started having problems?

Is this ACA "new" to this Amiga.

Is the Indivision "new" to this Amiga.

I realize you're not using the Indivision but it is using power, so maybe that's related???

Anything else "new" recently.

Just throwing out ideas.. ;-)

Good Luck

I've had the ACA1230 for about a year and the problem has been there before, but seems worse now. It has been worse since the Indivision was slipped over the Lisa Chip, but as I said, the Invision is not being used until I can get the config tool, but it could be adding extra heat to Lisa by covering it?

I have a Goliath PSU on order so we'll try that.

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