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Originally Posted by gibs View Post
Something is not clear for me.

For the accelerator ACA630, the RF Shield was said as useless.
For the FlickerFixer Indi AGA MKII it is.
It's useless on both, on the indi manual it says that you should have the ground wire plugged to the shield because it has to say, but it's not necessary, i don't have it and it works great.

Originally Posted by gibs View Post
For the ACA630, putting a fan on top of the heatsink was loosing the warranty.
For the Indi AGA MKII it seems not.
I don't think it looses the warranty in any of the cases, that's just stupid.
How is it possible to loose warranty if the fan or the heatsink is used to prevent any problem and to extend the life of the components?
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