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Well, I got my A1200 stable by placing a cooler (ordered from Amigakit) on top of the Indy. But, it's only stable when the lid of the A1200 is off. With the lid on I still get gfx glitches and crashes.

So, somehow the heat can not get out enough with the lid on....

I haven't placed the metal shield inside yet, wich I will try (as the manual advises to do so), but I wonder if this is related to my heating problems.

Maybe adding the resistor on the Indy could solve my problems, but as I don't have any soldering skills or any knowledge about this I'll try to work something out (placing an extra cooler or something). If any of this doesn't help then I have to use my A1200 always with the lid off, which isn't a big problem because then I can always see the beauty in my A1200

I have motherboard rev 2D (which already had the timing fixes) and an ACA 56mhz turbocard. I'm pretty sure it's just a coincidence that this is happening with my setup as other combinations of hardware and revisions will give other (better) results...

I welcome any suggestions though on how to get the heat out of my A1200 (except from soldering)....

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