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Ok got my a1200 online and downloaded the SuperPlus and HighGfx drivers. Couldnt find the Xtreme for some reason the links were dead?

Anyway, SuperPlus laced is awesome on my 22" del lcd via DVI almost perfect on screen. Ran in 256 colors for a little while seemed cool, then dropped down to 64 and did some things for over an hour with no artifacts or glitches...

I have to say I never though I'd see AGA chipset in a widescreen mode like this. amazing.

I launched Imagefx 4 and opened it on the super plus screen. I loaded the sample iff from high gfx but when i try to select the new screenmodes in Image fx Render prefs it wont open the screen If i launch the sample image from WB the monitor goes out of range..

edit: btw I'm wondering if there is a Splash screen for the MK2 when i boot my machine the monitor is out of sync (its an NTSC machine) and it goes straight to SuperPluslaced workbench now. Even If select PAl from the early boot (which the monitor displays) I dont see any splash when loading to a PAL screen either.

I'm dying for NTSC support because all my games and programs are ntsc mostly.

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