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Originally Posted by paulo_becas View Post
I completely agree with you, there's no need for hostility.

If you try to push from a PC GPU like Indi pushes with the amiga, in many cases, you'll see the same results depending on the quality of the PC components, so we can't expect that the amiga hardware behaves like we want it to behave, sometimes it's just not possible.
I've tested it on two NTSC equal boards with completely diferent results and yesterday i tested it with a 1D4 PAL Board and the results were like yours so i'm just happy to have one board working well.
Later i'll try to test it with the 2B rev. from my brother.
This kind of thing is only going to happen more and more as our hardware gets older and less consistent. Although I love bolting new hardware to my old MB, there will come a time when it will be more productive for Jens to just bring out a drop-in FPGA based MB replacement with all of the enhancements build it.......
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