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Appears like "solder junkie" is taken as an offensive term here. It was meant to describe someone who exactly knows how to handle a soldering iron, so something like "geek" - good skill, definitely not a bad thing.

However, there are things about the AGA chipset that obviously even Commodore did not know all the details about. My attempt in describing all the possible sources of problems was meant to show that it's practically impossible for a single person to cover all the differencies and to solve all problems.

Gibs, you're pointing at me, using wording that makes people think that Indivision AGA MK2 causes the glitches. I haven't reacted with the degree of hostility that you demonstrate, but I described numerous times that Indivision AGA MK2 just DISPLAYS the glitches. They have always been there on your board, but you did not notice them, because you never pushed the chipset to the limits with those new screenmodes. You will see exactly the same glitches on a monitor that is connected to the 23-pin port, even without Indivision AGA MK2.

I trust that you have a lot of computer knowledge and experience in your field. However, since there is hardly any written documentation about the hardware side of the AGA chipset and you probably don't develop digital circuits for a living, that specific experience is of no use for this specific problem - you can't seriously take this as an insult.

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