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Originally Posted by gibs View Post
Yes they are commodore boards.
I have studied electronic at school (F2) I practice computing since 30YO, and I work in computing in one of the biggest bank...It doesn't means anything of course, but just that I can do a good report...
No offense to FOL but, he didn't noticed my clockport was inverted (I did, and I did plug the Delfina this way because the RTFM from Jens doesn't even own a picture) even proffessionals can miss stuff. It's not a reason to talk like this.
Now I know that after buying 3 Indivision ECS, 1 Delfina, the mouse adapter, the A603 the Indi MKII, this is the last product that I but from Individual Computers and I'm going to remove all the ads I did on youtube for them.

Yes, I understand you... I've seen your board full of desoldered caps... But you must know that there are others working without any mod. I know your problems in the past with the Delfina. I think you'd been very unlucky with your boards.
When someone has so much problems after spending a lot of money you don't want to hear about a "solder-junkie", I understand you.... but the Amiga really has a lot of problems like these, and I "like" (more or less) to try to fix them.

At least you have my support and understanding. If you don't find any hardware solution, just solder those caps back and use fblit. Just my opinion, but... I would send those boards to Amigakit and would be happy....

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