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Thanks for the link and your work on drivers. When I get my amiga back on my network i'll check them out. I really really need NTSC as the whole function of my a1200 is for video work and I have a Supergen SX on the rgb which outputs NTSC for my gfx. Indivision mk2 is great because i can use LCD to do fine gfx touches while I can see the actual NTSC rgb output (ntsc laced too of course) at the same time.

I do have to say the display in PAL laced w/ DVI is stunning! Productivity looks great too.

It sucks because I was running NTSC before (ntsc laced) and all the apps I launch launch in NTSC and wont display on the indivision.. how can I get these programs to launch in PAL? (I'm using PAL laced screenmode 32color)
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