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Originally Posted by Schlachtwerk View Post
Why not a clone of the AmosPro Editor ?
Originally Posted by XDelusion View Post
I would love to see this up and running on MorphOS, AROS, and OS 4 some day!
That's one issue I have. Not many cross-platform GUI toolkits are compatible with the aforementioned trio.

I was thinking of using QT for the editor (to initially clone the current jAMOS editor then add improvements later), but that wouldn't work on NG Amigas, so they'd basically need a re-write of their own using MUI/Zune.

Oh and BTW, XDelusion, you're not the first. Calls for a NG Amiga port of XAMOS:
MorphZone (MorphOS) (OS4)

Amiga Impact (French forum)

P.S. AMAL support in XAMOS is almost complete.

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