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Originally Posted by gibs View Post
No, but it's the next thing I'm going to do tomorrow, I saw the previous message from bbond07 with the Aminet link but thanks for reposting.
Form the static picture it did look like the same issue I was having, however, from the video I think it is probably a different issue. In fact, I think there are two distinct issues with the A1200 that may be getting confused.

In my case, the artifacts are visible but I'm quite sure the underlying bitmap data was fine.... In gibs case, like Jens has pointed out, seems to be some sort of blitter error that is corrupting the underlying bitmap data.

I bet if you were to capture the workbench screen with PPaint, in gibs case it would show the artifacts, and in the case of what my motherboard was doing, it would not...

my NOS 1d.4 A1200 came from Amigakit with E123R & E123C unpopulated... I bridged E127R...

hope that helps.
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