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Originally Posted by Etze View Post
Get well soon!!!
Am recovering well thank you, and have been working on porting the AMAL subsystem from Java to C++. Almost all code is ported, however it still requires some major debugging to work in C++.

The AMAL Environment Generator (from AMOS's AMAL Editor) is already mostly working. This was included for legacy reasons in jAMOS and XAMOS as it forms a part of AMOS AMAL .abk banks (not yet directly supported), and was first introduced in jAMAL.

The XAMOS parser/interpreter however has already surpassed the Java-based jAMOS one in some areas, such as support for hybrid C-style syntax and support for custom (static) datatypes, which are not yet fully operational in the Java version. The next release will feature an example of this.

I'll most likely release my work-in-progress soon, then focus on getting AMAL working. Then once I have the core XAMOS system up to speed with jAMOS (and also fix some bugs in jAMOS), I can look at working in three directions:

1) Expand both jAMOS and XAMOS to support AMOS-like features such as multiple Amiga-style screens, full rainbow support, screen resizing, screen cloning, and of course, collision detection. I'll dig up the Jamagic code for my old Project Myqu (2003) which could be helpful here...

2) Add a lightweight editor to XAMOS similar to the one found in jAMOS, including text console output. Perhaps a sprite bank viewer too.

3) Improve language support in both XAMOS and jAMOS, including syntax error checking, more AMOS-like syntax, and other core language features.
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