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I picked up a brand new ACA1231/42 recently to replace my Turbo LC1230 accelerator. The ACA is a lot more reliable and am able to use this with the trapdoor cover compared to the old Turbo which I had to have running with the trapdoor taken off becuase it was the only way it would actually work for any period of time without it freezing up. However I find the ACA still suffers from the occasional freezing problems which i am putting down to the fact that I am only using the original 25W power supply and am running a 4GB CF internally, another 4GB CF card via the PCMCIA slot along with an extra external floppy drive off it. If anyone can recommend a good place to get an old Datel Goliath 300W amiga power supply as i think Amigakit do not have these in stock anymore that would be really helpful :-)
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