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Originally Posted by magnetic View Post

Does this mean that you can use any off the shelf PC floppy drive in the AT a1200s? Without any mods to the drive or cable? (which is what I have 2b as well iirc)
No, standard off the shelf PC floppy drives cannot be used in any A1200s, whether Commodore or AT, without mods to the drive.

The AT1200 motherboards are modified only to the extent required to accommodate PC floppy drives with a relatively simple modification.

To make a PC floppy drive compatible with a Commodore or unmodified AT motherboard requires modification of the drive beyond the point where it would still be practicable to reverse it. That's why Stedy's PC floppy drive to Amiga adapters are so useful.

Originally Posted by magnetic View Post
Also nice helpful post. That should be sticky for Noobs as its very detailed on how to disassemble the a1200. Nice job.

Thanks. That was the intention. Now that the post is up, anyone can post a link to it.
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