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Originally Posted by jasonver2.0 View Post
Hi all, im releasing a new version of my program Amiga Bootblock Reader as i now have very little time to work on it due to getting married etc and my old version is a buggy mess and so..

Changes include:

- 1107 Bootblocks now recognized
- Bootblock installer with 687 bootblocks
(No viruses and most non-standalone bootblocks removed)
- Rewritten directory scanner, now multithreaded
- Bootblock ripper to allow ripping of bootblock code from amiga programs without installing
- Revamped interface with pics drawn by me
- So many changes i have forgotten lol

- Import brainfile
- Bootblock compare (not happy with present state)
- More bootblock pictures

Attachment 31753

For bootblock pictures download:

I would like very much that if you learn any new bootblocks / make changes to your brainfile please upload to this thread in attachment or PM me ('bb.brainfile' in the A.B.R path). This includes if you used the old version and have learned or made changes to the brainfile. Thanks

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How about a disassembly function?
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