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Originally Posted by johnim View Post
hi jens what do we need to do to fix the gfx curruption im using a 1d4 mob0

with fan on indy and a heatsync on alice i still get it if i go over 16col on highgfx:super high res laced

thanks john
Well i just made a test on another board that i have, it's exactly the same as my 1200 it's a 1D4 NTSC board and for my surprise the icons started to get corrupted but when i change it back to my 1200 the problem disapear so i guess that this is a random problem, not caused by any specific board revision but like Jens said it's a chipset problem.

Does anyone made the fix told here by Jens? Both on Indi and on the board?
It would be nice to have pictures.
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