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Floppy disk Amiga Bootblock Reader v2

Hi all, im releasing a new version of my program Amiga Bootblock Reader as i now have very little time to work on it due to getting married etc and my old version is a buggy mess and so..

Changes include:

- 1107 Bootblocks now recognized
- Bootblock installer with 687 bootblocks
(No viruses and most non-standalone bootblocks removed)
- Rewritten directory scanner, now multithreaded
- Bootblock ripper to allow ripping of bootblock code from amiga programs without installing
- Revamped interface with pics drawn by me
- So many changes i have forgotten lol

- Brain file manager

Program: (.NET 3.0 Required)

Please post any changes you wish to make to the brainfile to this thread or attach the 'bb.brainfile' file to a post at the end
Click image for larger version

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