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Originally Posted by rampartsagain View Post
no appers intro and sound but canĀ“t see p1 or p2 fire
use a1200 more than 512k ram and 3.1 kickrom and load under workbench 3.1 main disk
Try setting 2MB of Chip RAM only and see what happens.

Originally Posted by Predseda View Post
Works great here. The effect of pallette changing is nice. We still have a small issue in Hall of Fall though - when it displays score table in intro mode, there is the bar visible where the "Enter your name..." message appears when hiscored. We need to rework it to the sprite as well. This occurs AFTER some hiscore is goaled and stored in actual game, not just after the game is launched.
Yes, I know - it won't be an issue for much longer by virtue of using a new highscore entry screen for use with joypads etc - so no need to print that text on the actual Hall of Fall screen
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