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Ok, i've been playing nonstop with my 1200 with Indi MKII in it for 4 hours now and the result are awesome, i do not experience any problem what so ever, the picture is crystal clear without any icon corruption.

Here's my configuration:

Amiga 1200 board Rev. 1D4 NTSC with the Alice PAL hack
E-matrix 1230 - 50Mhz 32 Mb RAM
Indivision Flickerfixer MKII with DVI to HDMI Cable and with a fan on top
ACER TV LED Monitor 20' AT2058ML
Lyra PS2 Keyboard adapter
Reset fix
4 buffered IDE with IDEfix
Classic WB 3.5 in a 8Gb Kingston CF Card
DVD Rom drive
Mouse/Joystick Switcher
Cocolino mouse adapter with a A4Tech optical mouse
HP 895Cxi printer
Better Paula sound hack
Amiga 500 PSU

All is working 100%

The only thing i experience is that the PSU is a little hot, i'm considering using an AT PSU that i have adapted to amiga.

What do you think of that?
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