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your right about the screen but il bet they dont pay much more than $20 for each still bet the whole laptop cost the manufacturer about $100 all in ( once in full production of course )

I dont think its what they could sell it for its what they know they could get. My first home DVD player cost me £350....Who would have thought you can now get a player for £9:99. Probably the most successful....unsuccessfull product ever devised...everyone now has one and now they are worth peanuts.

In fact a family tub of KP Peanuts does actually cost more

But somehow they keep Laptops hovering around the same price so im guessing an Amiga remake would have to be kept at a set price for a limited market....Cheap to produce but held at a big price...

But in full production the price to the manufacturer i would agree with you at just below $100

BTW...Where can i get a Raspi ??
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