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Clenched: sounds like a totally new project to me

At long last, after a lot of inactivity, I've finally got round to producing a second WIP.

In this version, every time you complete three levels a new palette for the background will be chosen at random, from a selection of five.

Also, I have hopefully correctly implemented CD32 pad support. A quick run-down of the buttons:

Play/Pause - start game/pause/unpause
Red - start game/skip highscore entry/unpause
Blue - turn music on/off
Yellow - turn sound effects on/off

Pressing both shoulder buttons together will quit the game.

Also, switching music and sound effects on and off should be less troublesome now (thanks to clenched for this). I will also be adding this to the ECS version in due course (along with a new music playing routine to fix the old problems - again thanks to clenched).

Things Still To Do:

- New highscore routine so names can be entered with pad/stick
- New music to be added (once done)
- That's it!
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