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Originally Posted by johnim View Post
come on guys dont rush jens and team as we dont want a buggy flash tool give them some time

we have waited this long for a working indy 2 so a bit longer wont hurt
Also, the flash tool in its current state has the tendency to fail leaving the Indivision in a non-working state. Its probably my 1260 which i should have disabled.. I got mine back to the original firmware and decided to quit pressing my luck...

Originally Posted by p@rity View Post
Any resistor with the same value/tolerance will do, but a 0805 fits perfectly between the two pads. With a little wire bending and clipping I am sure you can make these work... but the will strain the pads a lot more than the smd equivalent. You also need to be more fareful about accidentally shorting something.
I did have the graphics glitches in multiscan modes on my 1D.4 A1200 as well as another A1200 I towered a long time ago. Certain colors world start flicking any time a breeze went through the room. Sometimes it would be really bad... In both cases I did the following fix:

If i am understanding this correctly, the problem with your A1200s, not the Indivision, so why apply the fix to the Indivision?

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