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Originally Posted by gibs View Post
Yes you can, but not a whdload compilation. I mean TL can launch executable files. So you can do a compilation of non-trackdisk stuff.

The kickstart 3.X is needed to use the RAD functionality.
With the RAD activated, when you launch a game, the Amiga is RESET and then it load the game while TL is not in memory anymore. Basically it means that you have all your memory available for your game. Like if you enter the early-startup and load from the CLI.
Look at this video : [ Show youtube player ]

Therefore it is better to add some FastRAM, so when you exit from a Demo or a Game, Tiny Launcher is still in memory, like in this video : [ Show youtube player ]
For information my CDTV owns 2MB of FastRAm.

ISOCD is a small Amiga 68k utility and is a part of the CD32 Devkit. (I have completed the 1st page).
What size is the RAD device TinyLauncher creates?

Here are my settings:

Device = ramdrive.device
Unit = 0
Flags = 0
Surfaces = 2
BlocksPerTrack = 3
Reserved = 1
Interleave = 0
LowCyl = 0
HighCyl = 1
Buffers = 1
BufMemType = 1
Priority = 99

You can probably make it smaller but I have a couple of small files that go in mine.
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