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Originally Posted by Ezrec View Post
The JIT emulators I have used in the past usually take a ~40x performance hit - so on a 1Ghz 'host', you end up with a about 30Mhz-25Mhz of emulated speed.
That's really bad performance.

Often, you will get 'apparently higher' speeds (ie Rosetta on the Mac OSX platform), because the JIT is only recompiling the application - all drawing, disk, os, and input calls are handled by the host OS.
Apple software is overrated.

That would not be the case for the system you discuss - it would be emulating the entire system, not just the applications, so the 40x speed hit effects everything.
No problem, that 40x speed hit doesn't affect good JITs.

Find me a m68k JIT for PPC hosts with better performance numbers, and you would then be able to make a good case.
Trance. Feel free to send me any m68k bruteforce test and I'll execute it.

Example of Lame m68k running on trance powerup (old version) on 603e/200Mhz with no L2 cache and slow edo ram running twice faster than a 68040/40Mhz:

Example of Ocean Machine from The Black Lotus running on AGA+JIT on a 603e/240Mhz (no rtg, no ahi, just the ppc writting to custom chip registers and chipram using slow ram)
[ Show youtube player ]

A peg1 running at 600Mhz runs rings around 060s running m68060 code.

And despiting Petunia is slower than Trance it's still faster than 060.
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