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(Tried sending this to contact at, but it bounced for the last 3 days)

Hi there! This is Jason McMullan, one of the lead m68k developers for AROS.

I was wondering if you would like AROS support for your RTG, USB, Ethernet, and SATA devices?

Also, is there m68k visible ROM space on the device? If so, I should be able to make ROMable versions of the RTG and SATA device drivers, suitable for both AROS and AmigaOS m68k

I have an A4000 suitable for device testing, if you do not have the time to test code changes sent to you.

Originally Posted by Crumb View Post
Nice effort!

I have some questions:
-The PPC you have chosen uses incompatible FPU. Any plans to change it?
-Will you put 060 as an option? My big box miggies use 060 and my demos require 060.
-If PPC part works correctly and has access to Amiga motherboard why not remove entirely the 040 and use a JIT emulator? That way it would be faster than 060 and design would be easier.
The JIT emulators I have used in the past usually take a ~40x performance hit - so on a 1Ghz 'host', you end up with a about 30Mhz-25Mhz of emulated speed.

Often, you will get 'apparently higher' speeds (ie Rosetta on the Mac OSX platform), because the JIT is only recompiling the application - all drawing, disk, os, and input calls are handled by the host OS.

That would not be the case for the system you discuss - it would be emulating the entire system, not just the applications, so the 40x speed hit effects everything.

Find me a m68k JIT for PPC hosts with better performance numbers, and you would then be able to make a good case.

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