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I would love to make a Linux/UAE System, but only if I could make one like a real Amiga 1200. I see AmigaForever, for example, but it not looks like one, its very different really. For example, one with a launcher that mimics the gadtools gadgets and the early setup and with a boot sequence like of 3.0. With a version of UAE exclusively made for running one single model (like a A1200, the most generic) and a simple gui for switching disks, configuring memory and toggling some few options and running with all its glory in fullscreen on X server or directly on the Linux framebuffer.

Ah, and a cool NTSC/PAL screen filter, why not?

But I think that UAE needs a generic linux distribution for anyone that want to try it, and see your PC turn into a Amiga 1200. Well, more or less.

I am not saying I will do it... I really cannot finish even my own programs, what to say about an UAE fork. I am only dreaming...
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