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Originally Posted by alenppc View Post
I finally got around installing my AGA MKII yesterday on a "new" A1200 NTSC board I got from Vesalia.

I had no time to play around with it too much. My cheap Acer LCD monitor does not work with NTSC modes over DVI, and oddly enough only displays half of the image on PAL (the picture is stretched across the screen and only half it is displayed with a huge black border on the left, very odd). I will try with a different monitor in the next few days. Everything works fine over VGA, but the picture quality is obviously lower. Will play with it more in the next few days. Have to try to see what it looks like on my led TV.
To be expected until Jens releases the Config Tool. We're all desperate to use it but Jens won't rush the release until it's tested and ready!
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