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I can't wait until this is released and I plan on getting one, even if I have to sell both my kidneys.

Having said that, though, and after seeing the picture of the board on their website, I have some design concerns related to using this in a stock 3000D, like mine.

Personally, the CPU(s) in it don't bother me. Either an 040 or 060 are going to be huge horsepower upgrades for my machine. (Side note: to use this, do I need to make any mods to the 3000D? I read somewhere about having to make mods to the board for CPU cards to work, or maybe it was CPU cards with SCSI?)

However, here's my concerns:

With the SATA connectors, there shouldn't be an issue because they make right-angle connectors, but I think the DVI connector would be blocked in a 3000D. Furthermore, unless the built-in video also includes a passthrough for native Amiga video, I'd probably opt to stick with my Cybervision 64.

On the site they do mention that the ethernet jack on the card would likely be blocked in a 3000D and have included a pin-header for a breakout cable, however, at the cost of speed. (100mb is still a step-up from the 10mb on my X-Surf, but the full 1Gb would be awesome.) I think they'll need to do something like that for the USB connectors as well.
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