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Originally Posted by Jasmin68k View Post
Great stuff, if only it had a 060 instead of the 040...we'd have the best of both worlds, 68k and PPC. Would be a dream having both on one card!
True ... an '060 would be better, but I'm not sure as to their availability, and maybe that's the problem for the guyz.

Not to put too much of a dampener on things ...

I'd also like to know what sort of price tag these suckers are going to cost ?

Anyone any idea of the intended price?

Not seen any reply to the earlier question about if an A1200 version is planned, as I'd sure be interested in one, especially if it's OS4 PPC compliant, and has a pass-thru for a Mediator card, and offers a solution to some PCI cards, like the Soundblaster and Spider PCI cards being 'thwarted' from being used due to DMA and other limitations on the A1200 processor data port.

Hey it's a step forward, and I'd buy one for my A4000 as long as it doesn't mean trading in a kidney or arm & a leg for one.
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